Model 3 base price increase

Model 3 base price increase

After witnessing the loss of the $ 35,000 Model 3 on the American market, here is the Model 3 formerly proposed at $ 39,000 increases by $ 400 very close from the $ 40,000.

Tesla argues for its choice:

" Like all other manufacturers, we we periodically readjust prices and options "

This rate increase already applied since May 13, the cost of this inexpensive car has significantly increased . The serialization of the Autopilot had already increased the price in the past.

Today the Model 3 is only available in a $ 35,000 version by the phone or directly in stores. It should be noted that there is a little chance that we will see the $ 35,000 model arriving in Europe ... This promise will not be viable for marketing on the old continent.

< p style = "text-align: left;"> About the stocks rate of our favorite car manufacturer. Nearly $ 380 in December, we are reaching record lows these days. At almost $ 230, the action is in a delicate position. After raising 2.5 billion dollars in early May by issuing new shares, the stock did not react favorably to this news.

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