Elon musk explain why white pearl and not just white #TeslaPaintIssues

Elon musk explain why white pearl and not just white #TeslaPaintIssues

After the general surprise this morning when waking up from the news on the configurator of the Tesla Model 3, it is at 5:36 pm that the big boss finally raises the doubt of the new basic color of the entry-level model.

After affirming at the end of June that the new base color would be a simple white, this morning everyone was amazed to see the white color "pearl multi-coat".

Since the beginning of the day everyone has been wondering why such a change at Tesla, and Elon finally gives the explanation:

" Basic white adds too much to the complexity of car repairs. The team convinced me to go for pearl white. "

We would almost see in this tweet a confession on the famous #PaintGate that our Tesla Model 3 experiences at the bottom of the car. It should be noted that the repair services are also overwhelmed by the repairs caused by the transport of vehicles, they also hope that this new paint will allow less touch-up to be done.

Tesla therefore seems to react in a first time facing repeating paint problems, and Tesla's repair service already seems to know it in order to avoid doing the same mistake again and again

This will be interesting to watch ...

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