Finally Spotify on Tesla awaiting for an official solution

Finally Spotify on Tesla awaiting for an official solution

Edit : for Canadian, US and each European owners

Tesla owners will finally have a way to play Spotify in their Tesla Model S, X and 3 thanks to the third-party application based on the car's chromium browser

TeslPlayer will allow you to manage playlists and play music directly from the vehicle's central touch screen.

Pending Tesla's official integration with Spotify in the United States, TesPlayer creator Michael Latman has found a solution that allows owners to interact with the service using the vehicle's built-in browser

TesPlayer is essentially a Spotify remote control for Tesla's embedded web browser. It still uses the Bluetooth connection of a smartphone, even if it allows owners to browse tracks and playlists from the central screen.

Prérequis : Tesla owners must be Spotify Premium subscribers and also have the 2019.12.x firmware to be able to use the services of TesPlayer . Spotify must also be downloaded on a mobile phone and connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth.

Steps to achieve on the Tesla :

  • Step 1: pair your smartphone via Bluetooth.

  • Step 2: Click on the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner of the vehicle's central touch screen and set "Media Source" on your phone.

  • Step 3: Open Tesla's web browser from the central touch screen and navigate to . It will launch TesPlayer.

  • Step 4: login to TesPlayer using your Spotify Premium account identifications. TesPlayer saves user login informations for convenience.

  • Step 5: Once connected, your Spotify playlists and favorites will appear directly on the vehicle's central touchscreen and be accessible.

(Crédit: Teslarati)

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