How to use shortcuts to control your Tesla

How to use shortcuts to control your Tesla

Despite the fact that Apple, like Tesla, is quite protective with its technology, we recently saw an application called "Shortcuts" appear on the App Store. This application is used to automate actions that would have required the opening of a third-party application, for example asking Alexa to turn on the living room, close a shutter. 

All this becomes interesting when this application is usable with our Tesla !!

To guide you here is a tutorial:

1- Download the Shortcuts application:

2 - Click or copy / paste the links that interest you directly in Safari on your iOS device:

3- When configuring each link, put in the "Text" area what you want to say to Siri so that it does this action.

4- Optionally, you can add your shortcuts directly in the widgets on the left of the home screen:



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