The new Model 3 is full of surprises

The new Model 3 is full of surprises

The rumors were therefore founded and Tesla took advantage of its Thursday evening to come and update the page ofTesla Model 3. A discovers arefresh beautiful with improvements that seem to correct the small flaws that it still had.

We start withoutside, quite simple, Tesla opts for aChrome Delete Complete car, just like on the Tesla Model Y. Window surrounds, mirrors, handles and camera will now be in matte black, it remains to be seen if their coating will be hydrophobic as some Model Y owners indicate.

Regarding the rims, the Tesla Model 3 seems to have new Aero. Darker, with a slightly straighter design:

Version 1

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Version 2:


The 19-inch rim option also seems to know the same scenario. A slightly more rectangular design on the beginning and the end of the branches. To see if the rumor of a passage on plastic hubcaps is verified:

Version 1:

Version 2:

Finally and to close the rim part, the biggest surprise comes from the Performance model. Tesla has therefore chosen to come and offer the same model as that of the Tesla Model Y, the rims "Überturbine 20". A magnificent design reminiscent, for purists, of the rims during the presentation of the Tesla Model 3 in 2016:

Here is the new rim version for the Tesla Model 3:

On the equipment side, we learn that the Tesla Model 3, like the Model Y will havean original electric box. Therefore all vehicles at Tesla will now have an electric trunk.

In addition, Tesla formalizesthe new central console with the new design seen before in various leaks. This new central console, more elaborate and less minimalist will not leave you indifferent.

This new design is however only for the moment updated on the Tesla Model 3 andt the Model Y configurator remains unchanged. 

Regarding autonomy, here too Tesla improves its vehicles on paper, the Model 3 Standard Range, moves to430 Km instead of 409 Km previously, the Long Range changes to580 Km instead of 560 Km and the Performance goes from530 Km to 567 Km.

An autonomy which does not seem for the moment not related to the improvement of the batteries but surelyadding a heat pump which will make the car more economical.

The first deliveries seem scheduled forNovember for the Long Range and Performance, andFebruary for the Standard Range.


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