Model Y News and Delivery day

Model Y News and Delivery day

We'll gather here all the information we'll find about the Model Y and the deliveries that are starting right now (23h Paris). Lots of pictures, videos and new information will arrive, stay tuned !
Tesla is still surprising us with this new vehicle. New features include:
  • Wireless charger included
  • USB C and USB port at the front
  • USB C port on the back
  • Electrical back box
  • Heat pump to warm up the batteries
  • Rear tinted windows
  • Double deep rear quarter panel
  • Rear seat fold-down button
  • No coupling possible
<First pictures:
USBC and USB :
No coupling on this first version but we saw a test model with it, we may have to wait for the next versions as for the Model 3:
Heat pump

Usage videos :

Here is the Tesla Model Y user manual:
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Accessories for your Tesla:

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