New rims with Chinese style available in USA

New rims with Chinese style available in USA

Tonight Tesla updated its online accessories store to offer a new pack of rims and tires for winter with the Chinese model that we had seen before in China.

< We had wondered if this style of rim would only be available in China or elsewhere. We have the answer and it is already possible to order it in the USA.

We find the design quite simple but perhaps a little more elaborate than the "Aero" that we actually know in the USA and in Europe.

However an aesthetic point bothers us, on these 19 "rims when you remove the hubcap, the rim is still less aesthetic than our" Aero ". Here is the comparison:

Standard version:

Chinese version :

The design is still more interesting on the Chinese model but when the rim is "rough" it is more beautiful in its standard version.
We are currently aiming to develop "Aero" with Chinese design adaptable on our 18 "rims.

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