New update 2020.4 with many improvements for Chinese Tesla cars !

New update 2020.4 with many improvements for Chinese Tesla cars !

Tesla launches the first 2020 updates in China !

The new update which seems to be reserved for Chinese owners offers very nice new features and new games.

The description of the update is translated below (Warning, the translation is approximate, please disregard syntax errors)

Here are the Tesla Model 3 screens with the update note :

P owner "Happy Landlord"

With more than 900 million players. There is pure classic, exciting gameplay and rich entertainment modes. Match online with people, go through the final phase with Zhisheng AI and relax in a standalone game. There's always one you like.

Mahjong <

400 million people love to play Mahjong games, spill blood in the river, bloody battle until the end, Guangdong Mahjong, Volkswagen Mahjong and other national games for you! Real-time matches, rich tournament rewards and even team breaking gameplay at any time. Authentic chess and card games, national culture at your fingertips, unlimited play!

Upgrade (full name: Happy Upgrade)

Visual experiences such as freshness, joyful background music, etc. Millions of real battles can be enjoyed here. Adding land speculation to the origin rules can be continuously doubled during the anti-prime process. The game is more exciting and interesting, including classic, and casual gameplay.

Tesla Theater

You can now watch Bilibili and Youku in the Tesla Theater app. To launch the Tesla Theater, click on the "Entertainment" icon in the "Application Launcher" with the vehicle in park mode, then select "Theater".

Map improvements <

Improved maps are faster and easier to read, even when the map is rotated.

Tesla Service Center QR Code

Now you can easily access the Tesla WeChat Service Center by scanning the QR code on the touch screen. Click on "Control> Maintenance> Service Planning via WeChat" and scan the QR code with WeChat.

Will this update appear anywhere other than China?

We don't know yet, some features like air quality, quick contact with the Tesla Service Center (Maybe with WhatsApp) as well as the new games would be quite suitable for a worldwide use.

We will follow the deployment closely and inform you about the new features.

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