Rivian gets stronger with its pickup in camping mode

Rivian gets stronger with its pickup in camping mode

Rivian has unveiled a "camper" based on its R1T electric pickup. This camper is the first electric vehicle in the history of Overland Expo festival in 10 years.

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The festival takes place every year in Arizona and brings together thousands of enthusiasts of independent living in the wilderness in their Pick-Up. Since its inception Rivian has offered two models, an SUV and a Pick-Up.

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The pickup truck was equipped with an integrated tent that could be placed over the pickup truck's dumpster and offered enough space for two people. In addition, the Rivian R1T received an extra luggage rack, where a specialized tool is mounted to overcome off-road obstacles such as sand tracks, large jacks, etc.

Rivian said this pick-ip is equipped with one of the largest car batteries on the planet. According to the creators' calculations, the 180-kilowatt battery is capable of supplying power to the stove, oven and camp lighting system. At the same time, the Rivian R1T will use only 11 percent of its energy storage for one week.
The Rivian R1T is equipped with four engines - one for each wheel - delivering up to 760 hp and 1,120 Nm of torque. The air suspension can increase the pickup's ground clearance to 355 mm.
Officially, the R1T is still considered as a concept, but rumours say that sales in the US are expected to start this year. As expected, the base version will be priced just over $60,000.

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