TESLA 2019 Annual Shareholder Meeting: What should not be missed

TESLA 2019 Annual Shareholder Meeting: What should not be missed

One of the most anticipated meetings for Tesla in 2019: the shareholders' meeting. Everything you shouldn't miss is in this article!

1. [New prototype] A red functional prototype of model Y was introduced: it is unclear whether it is the slightly modified blue prototype already shown before, but there is a good chance that it is a second prototype, which is more: functional!

It could also have a lower drag coefficient than its predecessor, the model 3, contrary to what its size would allow to imagine.

Tesla Model Y prototype

2. [Model 3 success] Model 3 surpasses all of its competitors in the United States. This was stated by Elon Musk at the start of the meeting.

He argued his remarks based on the success of Tesla:

  • Maintenance lower costs
  • High-performance applications and on-board technology
  • Generally speaking, cars more attractive than combustion engines.
  • 3. [GigaFactory] Elon Musk confirms what he had said by building a GigaFactory by continent. The GigaFactory 3 version in China should even have a solar roof.

    4. [Tesla Insurance] You will soon be able to have Tesla insurance for your vehicle. After acquiring a new company, Tesla will offer an insurance service to its users. We hope that will be a little bit innovative in a sector that is not really innovative.

    5. [Media misinformation] And on this subject, Elon Musk sees himself as being reassuring : The fires, they are clearly less numerous than the fires of thermal vehicles. Elon Musk is well aware of the misinformation campaign on this subject.

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