What's planned for Tesla in 2020 ?

What's planned for Tesla in 2020 ?

It is challenging year ahead of Tesla and also has quite incredible new goals. It's going to be a busy year and Tesla seems to get ready for it. To keep you up to date on everything, we've made a little summary of what's going to happen but also all the the current rumours.

  • Model S "Plaid" tri-motors

Announced by Elon Musk, to overcome the Taycan on the Nurburgring circuit, Tesla has launched a new prototype of a new version of the Tesla Model S. This version with a 3rd engine allows incredible performances which had pulverized the record of the Porsche Taycan. On the other hand, besides this third engine what else is new in the Tesla Model S "Plaid" ?

According to the stolen pictures on the road during the return trip of the car, we can see a bigger bumper in order to suck up more air but also we can see on the center console what looks like a Model 3 type screen, coming in the landscape direction. This new screen would launch the new interior facelift of the Tesla Model S, where Elon Musk confirms a larger battery and a 7-seat return version. here are the pictures :

  • Model X "Plaid" tri-motors

So we're talking about a Tesla Model S "Plaid" but what about a Model X "Plaid"? Why shouldn't the Model X also be entitled to its crazy racing version? Elon Musk has neither confirmed or denied this possibility, so we are waiting for this possibility.

  • SuperCharger V3 in Europe: the beginning

This good news at the end of the year were when Tesla created the first SuC V3 charging station with a maximum capacity of more than 250Kwh. This new possibility to recharge first tested in London allows to introduce this new device that will allow the end of the peer to peer operation of the terminals but also faster recharges.


  • Model 3 100kwh
Rumors suggest the arrival of a Tesla Model 3 100Kwh, it would be the Tesla with the longest battery life ever created. We could expect up to 700km of autonomy in WLTP. A good idea but that would also add to Tesla costs of creating a new model when you know the race against rationalization...
  • Model Y mass production

Finally, the affordable Tesla SUV! Since its announcement it's been awaited, as it could come to fill the small size and space issues that some Tesla Model 3 owners find in it. Elon Musk even announced, at the opening of the Shanghai factory, that this Model Y was the vehicle with the most pre-orders in Tesla's history. For sure it's expected and this week we saw its California certification pass, which would herald the start of deliveries fairly quickly. As a reminder, the Tesla Model 3 had its Californian certificate 25 days before the first deliveries.

Lately a lot of Model Y's have been seen on American roads, the tests are done in full scale and this is a sign of hope. What's for sure is that it will be sold with a "chrome delete" already done, an identical interior to the Tesla Model 3 and at the moment 20" sport rims still in light grey as at the beginning on the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

For the trunk some doubts remain, we saw two designs and it seems that even on the Tesla website we don't know at the moment which version will be chosen:

  • Roadster 2020 production launch

This Roadster is the perfect example of how to demonstrate its know-how to its competitors. Specification level is 0 to 100 km/h in 1.9 seconds, a torque of 10,000 Nm, 400 km/h peak speed and 1000 km of autonomy what could be better?

Elon Musk recently announced that this project and this car had fallen behind schedule, and that he didn't make it a priority for the brand. It is therefore possible to see its launch and the first deliveries arriving in 2021 and not in 2020 as planned.

  • Semi-launch of production for the first full-scale tests

Tesla also presented its Semi, which is its fully electric truck that will change the world of transport! Tesla has recently communicated on it to enlighten the public on this project :

"We can confirm that we are on track to produce in limited volumes the first Semi trucks in the second half of 2020"

The Tesla Semi should be bought for $180,000, while its entry-level version would have a range of nearly 400km and should cost about $30,000 less.

Here is the full email :

  • Commencement of work of the Gigafactory 4 in Berlin

Elon Musk announced it, and he did it. He's coming to walk the land of the historic manufacturers. Tesla has just started building its fourth factory near Berlin to supply the European market.

This factory is one of the decisive points for the expansion, after the factory in Shanghai Tesla had announced that the idea was to have one factory per continent to avoid transport costs and customs.

It's done, Tesla is expanding really fast and recently announced in Berlin that the first steps have already begun.

The first job offers have also appeared on the Tesla website for this new factory. We can say that Tesla forgets absolutely nothing for this new step!
  • Tesla on the stock market ?

Tesla is currently experiencing its best performance on the stock market, with record highs and a crazy race towards 100 billion in market capitalization.

With a little hindsight one might ask why such an increase? Record delivery of the Tesla Model 3? Factory opening in Shanghai?

But what about 2020? Tesla seems to have even more ambitious plans than 2019 and seems to be on a very good track (financially and schedule) to reach them. What can we hope for? A $2000 share like Amazon?

This stock is surely going to join the GAFA and become an iconic company of the American stock market.

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