Tesla increase SR+ price by 1000€ in Europe

Tesla increase SR+ price by 1000€ in Europe

We saw this increase yesterday on the other side of the Atlantic and not surprisingly, it has arrived in Europe.
Tesla increased the price of the Tesla Model 3 StandarRange Plus (SR +) to an entry price of € 43,600. At the moment,no official communication on this subject has been made either by Tesla or by its CEO.
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However, regarding the last update, such an increase could be justified, due to thet fact that Tesla Model 3 SR + inherited several features previously reserved for the Tesla Model 3 Long Range and Performance.
To quote the main ones we were entitled to:
  • L The appearance of the Web Browser, which allows Internet browsing through a browser like Google Chrome on PC.
  • Native management of the Spotify application with the ability to view albums, playlists and search. Before, it was only possible to share music from a smartphone.

To sum up, the entry-level Tesla is suffering from month by month increases and becomes less and less affordable. We remember the first increase in the series autopilot, now this one, and during this time we don't really hear about the Tesla at $ 35,000, the Standard Range ...

It is important to underline the fact that in France we have one of the most attractive prices in Europe when we look at our Italian, Belgian neighbors for example:

Ita lie: 49 500 €

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Belgium: 48 800 €

Accessories p for your Tesla:

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