[Group Buy] Tesla Launch Passive Entry for Key Fob for Tesla Model 3

[Group Buy] Tesla Launch Passive Entry for Key Fob for Tesla Model 3

Tesla has updated its website for this long-awaited article for owners of Tesla Model 3! < / strong>

The "Key Fob" used as the opening key was created at first for the Tesla Model S and Model X. When the Tesla Model 3 was released, a new opening mode has been marketed through NFC opening cards.

On the other hand, the "Key Fob" marketed for the Tesla Model 3 but not distributed in Europe had only the possibility of unlocking the different safes and doors with its buttons, but no possibility of passive entry, which made him lose its interest.

This is now done! The key can remain in the user's pocket, the car locks and unlocks on its own!

Tesla explains:

"No hands required. Locking and unlocking your Model 3 has never been easier. Keep your key fob in your pocket and simply pull on the door handle for easy entry. Same with the trunk. Your key fob is automatically enabled when you pair with your vehicle. "

The owners once again, Europeans are not lucky enough to be able to order it directly because they are only available on the American store but functional in any country of the globe.

< p> GreenDrive lets you cross the borders. Our contacts in the United States offer to send us "Key Fob" and we suggest you to buy them at cost price:

  • 140 € purchase price
  • 11.2 € American VAT ( California 8%)
  • 16 € Shipping to Europe
  • < li> 8 € Customs fees
  • < strong> 9 € Insurance and Shipping
  • 28 € European VAT < / li>

The product will be in preorder because it is a bulk purchase with an order limit on 10/15/2019 for a shipment from France in early November.

Link to order:


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