Tesla now limit each SuperChargers at 80% charging to reduce waiting time

Tesla now limit each SuperChargers at 80% charging to reduce waiting time

Tesla is currently updating some of its Supercharger stations in order to reduce the waiting times for people wishing to charge their cars.

Since this morning, photos appear on social medias to illustrate this new event. And it is with sadness that we discover this limited news.

Electrek has recovered an internal information published yesterday by Tesla to its employees:

Today we have released a new supercharger feature that will limit the state of charge of owners (SOC) at 80% on certain high traffic sites. The SOC limit of 80% will be applied 24/7 on all the sites concerned. Please note that some sites will have an SOC limit of 80% applied permanently, while others will only be applied on holidays and to host large regional events (e.g. Coachella).

Combined with battery preheating functionality recently published and upgraded to the V2 supercharger (up to 150 kW), we expect an application at 80% of the SOC limit for a 34% improvement at our busiest supercharging sites - creating a better effective experience for our owners. ”

It should be noted that Tesla has bypassed the new limit imposed on owners for long trips distance. By having the trip planner and a long distance recorded, the SuperCharger will allow you to charge 100%. If the Supercharger is your final destination, it will not work. >

Tesla claims that it will affect 17% of all its Supercharger stations in the United States at first. This first cutting will be at 8% of the stations at all times, and an additional 9% will have the limitation during peak periods.

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