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Tesla reveals Dyno Mode for unassisted driving, like drift mode

Tesla reveals Dyno Mode for unassisted driving, like drift mode

warning, This mode requires to be extremely careful because the cars are not designed to drive without driving assistance. If you want to try, drive in a clear area without pedestrians, obstacles or other cars..
Do not use on open road! !

Tesla had hidden a "Dyno Mode" for dynamic tests on chassis-dynamometers in our cars. It is today that an explanatory text written by Tesla has been published on the internet and explains how we can enter this test mode.

Here is the explanation :

"Tesla, Inc. is currently completing the implementation of user interface (UI) features that provide access to our" Dyno mode "for all users. This feature must be enabled to maintain representative driving controls during chassis-dynamometers tests. Access to Dyno mode will be introduced at the start of production on October 7, 2019 and will be deployed across the entire Tesla fleet in version 2019.40 during October 2019.

In order to maintain a proper functionality and driving behavior, Dyno mode performs the following functions::

- Disable the stability control to avoid any false interaction with the dynamometer.

- Disable the traction control to avoid any false interaction with the dynamometer.

- Disable the damping of the active transmission line to avoid inducing oscillations in the dynamometer.

- FForce the sharing of the torque to be as it would be under normal driving conditions in a straight line

- Disable wiping the brake disc

When the stability control and traction control systems become defective, as is the case on a dynamometer where driving is detected but not the movement, regenerative braking is disabled so that the involuntary braking torque does not cause loss of traction or control on low friction surfaces. Deactivation of the stability control and the traction control prevent these systems from disturbing the regenerative braking behavior, while maintaining the most representative driving energy consumption.

The Dyno mode can be enabled by the user, according to the following steps:

1. The vehicle must be in park mode.

2. While holding the left-hand turn signal down

3. Tap on the Tesla “T” logo at the top of the screen.

3. Enter the Dyno mode activation password, "dynotest".

Dyno mode can be disabled by the user by pressing the "Power Off" button located in the Safety & Security tab of the user interface.

We are aiming to complete this Dyno mode feature in order to install it in all new production vehicles by October 7, 2019.

During the month of October, we will deploy this feature to our American fleet, allowing all Tesla vehicles to enter Dyno mode."

To exit the mode, head to "Security -> Off"

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