Today, new rims for Tesla Model 3 Performance !

Today, new rims for Tesla Model 3 Performance !

It was this morning when we woke up that we were left with new rims for the Tesla Model 3 Performance.
It's been several days since we saw Tesla Model 3 trucks with darker rims than usual. It appeared today on the official Tesla's website.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance inherits 20 inch rims with a black color (matt?) however it should be noted that 19 inch" SPORT "rims have no colour change and remain gray.
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It may be the former owners who will be disappointed because this new style is just incredible! How are you going to react? Painting, covering, you will have to be clever and DIY to copy this innovation.

Do you want matte black Turbine Style rims? mat-black-tesla

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