About us

It was in 2012 ...

In 2012, Elon Musk started producing the Tesla model S, this totally disruptive car to what we had known before.

But Elon Musk not only created a car, he created a community, people from different backgrounds who now share the same passion.


It is this shared passion that brought us together.

Car fans of all kinds, for us a car is also a way of expressing originality, perception of style and opinion-taking. As you can imagine, as soon as our banker allowed it, we immediately invested in a Tesla.

We met a large number of Tesla owners, because a community is as we told you above all about sharing, and one point we were both challenged: we generally had similar finishes and colors!

Julien takes the first step towards customization.

He has searched the internet for a long time for a way to personalize his Tesla at reasonable costs by favoring quality products, but in the end, it was impossible to find an European website!

After a long discussion, we decided to set up Green Drive, a website where everyone can select items of their choice, and finally have a Tesla that is even more out of the ordinary.

In order to respect our values, we decided to test a maximum of products and a maximum of suppliers, and in 2019, we had seen enough articles to market a quality catalog!

This is how Julien from Montpellier and Maxime from Grenoble created Green Drive, the privileged contact to personalize your Tesla!

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