Big Brake Kit MountainPassPerformance Page Mill 365mm - Tesla Model 3


Big brake system with high braking power to improve braking on your Tesla Model 3. Available for Model 3 SR and LR.

Product details

Large brake system with high braking power.

Install on your Model 3 the high-performance discs the car needs. These massive two-piece 365 mm discs give your Model 3's brakes a significantly higher thermal limit - something you absolutely need with original brake pads or track use.

We can't decide if these brakes work better than they look, or if they look better than they work!

Massive cooling and shutdown power upgrade

Size: 365 mm diameter versus 320 mm OEM.
Lighter: 1.5kg less per disc
Materials : anodized aluminum made from U.S.-origin 6061-T6 aluminum

Made in the United States

Discs manufactured by a leading brake supplier with winning experience in the highest level of motorsport.

Tested on track by professional drivers - these discs with good pads and fluid are all you need to run all day on the track.

To be used ONLY with wheels of 19 inches or larger.

Suitable for these vehicles: Model 3 propulsion, LR Dual Motor, Performance ghost (without Performance kit).
Not compatible with : Model 3 Performance.



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