• Hansshow Motorized Front Trunk Release - Tesla Model 3
  • Hansshow Motorized Front Trunk Release - Tesla Model 3
Hansshow Motorized Front Trunk Release - Tesla Model 3

Hansshow Motorized Front Trunk Release - Tesla Model 3

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Hansshow power cylinders for the front trunk of the Tesla Model 3 directly ready to install. Warranty 2 years.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 1000 EUR.


Transform your front or rear trunk into a motorized trunk with the best system on the market.
Benefit from Hansshow products with European after-sales service and guarantees!
the kit is not compatible with the new generation model 3 (2021).
Why buy a Hansshow kit at Green Drive?
1. We provide you with the latest versions of their products.
2. The foot sensor as well as the various add-ons (e.g. for closing the front boot with the display, which is an option at Hansshow) is included in the price.
3. Spare parts available in France and at your place in 1 working day*.
4. A 2-year European warranty.
5. Assistance in France.
6. No customs duties 20% because shipping from Europe (so the cost is finally the same).
7. Delivery within 10 days.
Opening and closing :
  • The Official Tesla App
  • Your Key Fob
  • Control screen
  • Foot Sensor


    • Button supplied in this pack (to be fixed inside the trunk)

    Included in the package :

    • Cylinders & Controller
    • Foot sensor
    • Add-on (closing with the screen for the front kit)
    • Notice
    • specific tools*

    Advantage over other products : the product is not connected to the CANbus, the Tesla warranty is preserved.

    Assembly instructions available!

    The product is made to be assembled by yourself, however it is not intended for beginners.

    Compatible with Model 2021

    We can assist you if you have difficulties with assembly!

    Our privileged partners:

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    Why trust our partners?

    During the establishment of the partnership, quality requirements were decided upon so that the installation of this product would be carried out properly with trusted partners. The selected companies comply with our requirements in terms of installation quality. Indeed, a conscientious professional will use all the cable paths, each cable is fixed and their position is controlled so as not to emit parasitic noise or cause dysfunctions.

    Fixed price for installation : 400€TTC/ 1 kit (5h)

    • Specialized centre for high-end vehicles
    • Loan vehicle available (see with the provider)
    • All cables are fixed and run along the cable trays, using the route recommended by Green Drive and the manufacturer.
    • The connections are controlled one by one to operate over time.
    • The vehicle is pampered by professionals and does not risk collateral damage.
    • All mounting clips are replaced to ensure that the seals are held as they were originally.
    • A guaranteed price
    • Warranty of operation included in accordance with the regulations of approved garages.

    Data sheet

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      Tesla Model 3 2021

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