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20" SuperLeggera Competition Wheels for Tesla Model 3 designed by DynoTec to create the lightest wheels on the market in 20 inches.

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Looking for lightweight rims for your Tesla Model 3?
You've come to the right place. Thanks to our complete kit save more than 100 kg on your vehicle.

The rims Competition Leggera 20" rims made for Tesla Model 3 weigh 9.3 kg making them the lightest 20" rims on the market.

VIA, JWL and ISO9001 certified, these are quality wheels with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 800kg.

The rims are unsprung masses of a vehicle are theThe elements of the vehicle follow exactly the undulations of the track. The unsprung masses have a negative effect on the comfort, road holding, fuel consumption, safety and reliability of the vehicle.

Impact on acceleration and braking :

  • The heavier the wheel is, the more energy it will take to set it in motion and therefore stop this movement.
  • A heavy wheel requires more engine power (torque) which will reduce acceleration.
  • On the other hand, a lighter wheel allows a better efficiency where the motor will have to force less.
  • It will be easier to stop a 1kg wheel in rotation than a 100kg wheel because it develops less inertia.
  • The heavier the wheel, the less effective the braking will be.

Impact on consumption :

  • Consumption depends on the vehicle and the energy the engine uses to set the car in motion.
  • Therefore a lighter wheel will allow less energy to be spent on acceleration.
  • The engine being less solicited with lighter wheels will allow a better acceleration which allows you to save in consumption.

Impact on performance :

  • The method of manufacturing forged rims allows for increased rigidity while favoring weight.
  • Cut from raw 6061 aeronautic aluminium the density of the rim will be better than cast aluminium. Indeed, cast aluminium can present imperfections but also a lower density which will impact the rigidity and the weight of the rim.
  • Therefore, the stiffer the rim, the better the handling as it reduces the deflection phenomenon (difference between the spokes of the constrained and unconstrained tyre) when cornering.

How can I save over 100kg on a Tesla Model 3?

It should be noted that the unsprung masses represent a ratio of 1 to 6 in relation to the suspended masses. That is to say that each kilogram saved between the suspension and the wheel will represent a total saving of 6 kg on the weight of the vehicle in motion.

The rims offered above weigh 9.3 kg compared to 14 kg for the original Tesla Model 3 Performance rims.

This gain of 4.7 kg per rim will represent a saving of almost 112.8 kg in the suspension weight ratio.

We can add to that titanium nuts of 16g against 46g for the original ones.

In total the saving will be 18.8kg for the 4 rims and 600g for the nipples, in unsprung mass.

That's a ratio of nearly 116.4 kg of suspended mass savings.

Compatibility : Tesla Model 3

Quantity : 4 rims

Weight: 9,3 kg

Color: Bright Grey, Anthracite Grey

Please note that this product is sent separately from the rest of the order.



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