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Reduce your energy bill with the BEEM Energy kit which offers an all-inclusive, ready-to-use solution. Solar panels that are easy to install and ready to produce green electricity in minutes.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 1500 EUR.

Product details

Solar energy can power your home in minutes with the Beem Energy solar panel kit.

The solar kit contains 4 panels and all you need is a wall or floor area with 2.5 m2 of sunlight to attach them in less than an hour.

Then connect the inverter kit to a standard electrical outlet and you will power immediately your home network.

The green electricity generated can immediately power household equipment such as the refrigerator, internet box or any appliance on standby and therefore reduce electricity consumption from your usual supplier.

A Beem kit is capable of producing up to 15% of household consumption (excluding heating).

Each Beem solar panel kit is advertised with a power of 300 Wp. It is thus capable of producing the equivalent of the annual consumption of a group of equipment including a refrigerator, an internet box, a hi-fi system and 5 LED bulbs.

The Beem solar panel kit comes with a My Beem mobile application. This allows you to monitor your watt/hours in real time via your internal Wi-Fi network. If you have more space, it is possible to install up to 3 kits on the same household electrical network.

Operation :

Once the solar panels are installed and connected to your home electrical system, the electrons produced by the panels will flow into your home's electrical system and power the appliances closest to the outlet that are consuming energy at the same time. It is simply the basic principle of electricity, the electron goes to the closest of where it can be consumed.



Size of the box: 80 x 82 x 25 cm

Weight of the box: 31.5 kg (30.5 for the extension kit)

Size of a panel: 70 x 70 x 2.5 cm

Weight of one panel: 5,6 kg

Size of the installation in line: 290 cm x 70 cm

Size of the square installation: 145 cm x 145 cm

On average, a 300W Beem kit produces ~330kWh / year, equivalent to the annual consumption of :

1 A++ refrigerator

1 internet box

5 LED bulbs

1 computer

This represents ~12% of the average household consumption (excluding heating), and it is possible to connect up to 3 Beem kits to the same socket (1 standard kit + 2 extension kits)

Economy / Profitability :

About 70 euros per kit per year. The savings vary depending on several factors: location, orientation, inclination, the evolution of the price per kWh at your energy supplier. This gives a return of about 10% per year.

Compatibility detail:

A standard electrical network - 2.5m² of wall surface exposed to the sun from morning to evening, without shading - An outdoor socket within a 10m radius of your kit - A Wi-Fi network to monitor your energy production.

Package contents:

4 Solar panels, 4 Supports, 1 DC extension cable 4mm2, 1 Beembox with AC wiring, 1 Inverter, 1 Installation guide, 4 Pre-drilled cardboard mounting templates, 1 Bag of screws and plugs, 1 MC4 connector release pliers

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