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UPDATE : It’s official : Model 3 will come from China to Europe

It is by reserving a Model 3 SR+ with “on stock” hitch that a future owner made a big discovery on his down payment invoice. Indeed after receiving it, he noticed that it contained the mention“Model 3 – China“. It is thus an officialization on behalf of Tesla by distinguishing the origin of Tesla directly on the invoice Always in the same direction, the VIN of the type : LRW-XXXXXLCXXX seems to confirm this hypothesis

L = year 2020

C = country of manufacture (CHINA)

This Model 3 SR+ with hitch is a version with the original chrome and interior. The hypothesis that Tesla Model 3 SR+ Made In China are already in transit seems to be confirmed.

In addition to being an important change in the logistics of the Californian brand, it is also an important change related to the manufacturing characteristics of the vehicle. Indeed even if the main guidelines and materials are identical, there are some fine adjustments. The Shanghai factory uses different batteries from the Fremont factory,cobalt-free batteries, allowing a better autonomy and above all a 100% possible daily use, this officialized by the Tesla China Customer Support account

Translation by Teslarati :

“The new and improved SR+ model 3 with lithium-iron-phosphate battery can be charged regardless of the charging limit, and it can be fully charged! The new version of the Model 3 cancels the [daily use / long distance travel] suggestion on the charging settings page, i.e. car owners do not have to worry about whether they can be fully charged during the daily charge. We recommend that you charge the vehicle 100% at least once a week. This helps to balance the voltage between the battery packs and, over time, can also maintain accurate estimates of the vehicle and display the remaining power. »

The rumors of the latter then seem to be confirmed, in fact the Model 3 SR+ now seems to come from China. The strategy seems to be to import only LR and Performance from the United States, because the Model 3 SR+ has a lower manufacturing cost in China, with the new batteries. The import of SR+ from China will pave the way for the Model Y to be imported soon. Indeed, a current rumor is that the Chinese factory seems to be about to start manufacturing. Tesla is therefore surely preparing a small surprise by starting the sale of Model Y from December 2020 – January 2021. UPDATE: It is therefore possible to differentiate the Chinese model now on the Tesla website. Indeed, in the new vehicles in stock, there are Tesla Model 3 SR+ with 440Km of autonomy. This range corresponds to the cobalt-free batteries Tesla uses in China

In comparison the version delivered from the factory in the United States

Finally, the drone and Tesla

Wu Wa enthusiast offers us a video of the Giga Shanghai, in this very interesting video we see the new SuperCharge station at the factory, but we also find some Model 3 prepared differently Indeed, as you can see on the photo and video below, there are some Model 3 that are protected by protective film on some parts of the bodywork. It would seem that these specially prepared vehicles are intended for travel and therefore for export

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