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Tesla’s Latest Model S and Model X Refresh Upgrades

Tesla's Latest Model S and Model X Refresh Upgrades

Tesla has introduced exciting new upgrades for owners of the Model S and Model X refresh vehicles. These improvements are meant to make your electric vehicle more stylish while also enhancing braking performance.

Upgrading Your Brakes

The Higher Thermal Capacity Brake Pad Kit

For all owners of the Model S and Model X refresh cars, particularly those produced since mid-2021, Tesla is offering a Higher Thermal Capacity (HTC) brake pad kit. This kit includes updated brake pads designed to deliver a better pedal feel, enhanced braking predictability, and a slower onset of brake fade. It means your brakes will work more effectively and consistently.

Pricing for the HTC Brake Pad Kit

Here’s what the HTC Brake Pad Kit will cost you in different North American countries:

Canada: $955

United States: $750

Mexico: $12,760

While this package is known to be available in Europe, too, pricing for that region is not available at the moment.

Upgrade Your Brake Calipers

If you own a Model S or Model X Plaid with black brake calipers, there’s an exclusive upgrade option. Initially, the Plaid variant came with black brake calipers, but in January 2023, Tesla switched to red calipers. Now, you have the opportunity to switch too.

Pricing for Caliper Upgrade

To upgrade from black to red calipers, you’ll need to pay the following prices:

Canada: $3,580

United States: $2,700

Mexico: $45,950

However, it’s worth noting that this upgrade also requires you to get the HTC brake pads from the package mentioned earlier.

Tesla emailed pictures of the brand-new brake pads and calipers to its current owners to let them know about these exciting enhancements. Remember that this item is distinct from the more expensive Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit that was introduced earlier this year for Plaid owners.

Tesla’s new upgrades for the Model S and Model X refresh vehicles promise better braking performance and the option to add a dash of style with red calipers. Whether you prioritize improved safety or want your Tesla to stand out, these upgrades offer something for everyone.

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