Fortnite and others games may soon be installed on Tesla, said Elon Musk

Fortnite and others games may soon be installed on Tesla, said Elon Musk

Tesla is working on porting two video game engines for its electric vehicles. The Unity and Unreal engines may soon appear on our vehicles.
This porting seems to be tedious but you know, "Time flies when you're having fun" and will allow you to get through the charging time more quickly . We can already imagine Fornite, Rocket League, Pokemon Go and many others on the central screen of the Tesla.
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According to Elon Musk, two reasons are given to justify this development. First, to fight boredom, as he says, to make waiting for the refill less burdensome. But in his very long-term vision, he wants passengers in the "Robotaxi" to be able to have fun rather than endure the journey.
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We learn this through a tweet, where he says: Many more games to come once we're done wearing Unity!
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And, in a second tweet, Musk wrote: Also wearing Unreal Engine
Elon Musk made a few clarifications later, for his interest and to use the steering wheel and buttons as a controller but also Xbox or Playstation controllers.
For him a car game is also a must have, a game using the pedals and the steering wheel of the car for a better immersion. Finally Nintendo has already announced its position by indicating that they will not allow Tesla owners to play Mario Kart.

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