Tesla in China New Battery New Prices!

Tesla in China New Battery New Prices!

Tesla officially launched its cobalt-free batteries in China and it's a success: lowering the price of increased range, the addition that will lead to success..

Tesla is taking advantage of the autumn holidays in China to update the configurator on its Chinese website, and it's a surprise to everyone.

Price level the SR now starts at CN249,900 around 36,800, down from nearly 3,200, the Model 3 LR version now starts at CY309,900 around 45,600, down from almost 5,000. de $5000.

Autonomy level only the SR gains a few kilometers, going from 445km NEDC to 468km for its part the LR remains at 668km NEDC..

These important adjustments are likely to come to give ideas to the Chinese population which is at the moment on vacation and which could crack more easily.

Finally, during these few days of transition, Tesla anticipated the reaction of the new owners who could not benefit from these developments. To avoid mass returns during the 7 days of free returns offered by the brand, Tesla is offering 3 years of free SuperCharge to owners who do not return their vehicle.

A very surprising practice on the part of Tesla, but which allows for fairness and interesting compensation.

All this news raises several questions, will the Tesla Model 3 Made in China MIC be exported Can we take advantage of these developments And finally what will be the reaction of the Chinese market and the impacts on Q4 Q4 ?


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