Tesla stops LR RWD production

Tesla stops LR RWD production

At the end of this quarter, Tesla seems constantly try to reduce the complexity of the model 3 production . Several German medias and leasing companies report that the alternative with large battery and rear traction (Long Range RWD) since this week is no longer freely configurable. Only a few pre-produced vehicles are still available.
On Reddit, A user posted an email from Tesla which informed several leasing companies that the production of the 3 LR RWD model was stopped with immediate effect. This would mean this update will surely affect Germany, Europe but also customers around the world.
Tesla Mail below:
The production of the rear long-range transmission (LR RWD) model 3 was immediately stopped by the factory.
This means that this version is no longer available. The current offers are no longer delivered.
We are currently examining how the factory has always produced your orders already placed. This will not always be the case.
Next week we will inform you of orders we can no longer deliver and the alternative we can offer.
Attached is the adjusted price list for model 3.
Please adjust this in your systems.
Information remains to check, but it would not be surprising if Tesla continued to take drastic decisions to limit costs and speed up production.
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