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Welcome to our page dedicated to electric car accessories! Whether you're a seasoned driver or you've just purchased your first electric car, we've put together a selection of must-have accessories to optimize the comfort, safety and aesthetics of your vehicle.

Floor mats for electric cars

Protect the interior of your electric car with our line of custom floor mats. Made of quality materials, our mats resist wear and tear while offering a stylish design and perfect grip.

Mudguards and body protection

Avoid splashes and mud on your electric car with our customized mudguards. We also offer body protectors to keep your vehicle's shine from scratches and impacts.

Winter rims, tires and wheels for electric cars

Choose winter rims, tires and wheels specifically for electric cars for optimal road holding in all circumstances. Our products are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly, ensuring performance and safety.

Snow chains for electric cars

Be prepared for winter conditions with our snow chains for electric cars. Easy to install and remove, they provide exceptional traction on snow and ice for a smooth ride.

Storage accessories and protection for electric cars

Maximize the interior space of your electric car with our smart storage accessories. We also offer a selection of protective covers and tarps to keep your vehicle safe from the elements, UV rays and dust.

In short, our selection of accessories for electric cars will allow you to personalize and protect your vehicle according to your needs and desires. Feel free to browse our catalog to discover all our offers and contact us for any question or advice.