Green Drive partner of the Tesla France Official Club

The Official Tesla Club France

The beginnings of the Tesla Club France go back to 2013 when a first Facebook group was created to gather the fans but also the first Tesla owners in France and in the French speaking part of Europe. Little by little the group has grown and so has the Californian company. 

Today, nearly 10,000 members are present in the different Facebook groups of the Tesla France Club, which makes it the largest community in France. 

In 2020 the club officially became affiliated with Tesla Inc. under the name Tesla Owners Club France, which is the international label set up by Tesla Inc.

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The missions of the Tesla Owners Club France are numerous

  1. To bring together Tesla electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts in France.
  2. Create a privileged link between our members and Tesla Inc. through official announcements, teleconferences, and working groups in direct partnership with Tesla Inc.
  3. Organize national and/or regional events to share the excitement of driving a Tesla and to meet other Tesla owners.
  4. Promote Tesla Inc. branded vehicles, organize the presence of the club and/or its members at events such as shows, rallies, charities, etc.
  5. Enable a dialogue between owners and Tesla structures (France and corporate) to highlight the needs of the French community.
  6. Influence our partners and institutions to promote electric mobility and facilitate the use of our vehicles.

Green Drive premium and exclusive partner

The Tesla Owners Club France has chosen Green Drive as a premium and exclusive partner for the accessory part of the club. Green Drive will offer discounts for the club members but also many gifts and equipment to perform tests. 

Green Drive will also provide its logistic platform to help the club in the management and shipping of products and welcome packages for the members. 

Green Drive will be present at the maximum to answer the questions of the members but also on the events to animate via stands and workshops.

If you have or know of an Official Tesla Club that is looking for a partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.