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The charging station is an essential piece of equipment for all electric vehicle drivers. Accompanied by the appropriate cable, these accessories allow you to recharge your Tesla directly, without having to go back and forth to a station. GreenDrive provides you with charging stations and cables perfectly adapted to your Tesla.

Quality charging stations for electric vehicles

Tesla has made a name for itself in the hearts of electric car enthusiasts. The Tesla Model 3 is one of the best selling electric vehicles in the world. If you are the proud owner of a Model 3, a Model S or any other Tesla, you are probably thinking of acquiring a charging station. It is indeed the ideal solution to benefit from the full power of your vehicle. However, when it comes to purchasing a charging station or outlet, there are some important things to consider.

Most residential charging stations are equipped with an SAE J1772 type connector. This is a universal connector that you can use with most electric car models. As for the Tesla charging station, it is a plug with its own connector. In other words, the charging gun is only compatible with Tesla vehicles. Your car Tesla has an adapter that also allows it to charge at generic charging stations that have the J1772 charging gun.

Even if you drive a Tesla, we advise you to opt for the recharging sockets that can eventually recharge another electric vehicle. Three-phase or single-phase, GreenDrive has the best charging stations for electric cars. For example, we offer you the cheapest charging station on the European market: a single-phase plug with an adjustable power up to 7.2 kW and 32 AMP maximum. It is a device that is able to charge any car as long as you have the right charging cable (T2 type plug).

Choose a charging cable specially designed for your car Tesla

The charging cable is the intermediary between your electric car and the charging station or socket. You must choose a cable powerful enough to support the intensity of the electric current necessary to recharge the vehicle. At GreenDrive, you can get charging cables specially designed for vehicles Tesla. They are available in two variants, single-phase or three-phase. In either case, pay attention to the maximum charging power.

Our cables are made in Europe with high quality materials. The ones from Holland are very light and offer increased safety in use. Available in Type2-Type3 (T2-T3) versions, our cables are equipped with a button that allows you to open the charging port of the Tesla, like on the SuperCharger. We also offer accessoriesto better store and organize your cables. You also have badges that will allow you to charge in town, or to use them on private network terminals.