Sunshades for Model Y

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To improve your comfort at the wheel of the Tesla Model Y , one of the most important accessories to choose is the sun visor. On very sunny days, the sun visor, which can be installed on the roof, side windows or windshield, allows you to effectively avoid the annoying effects of sunlight. For a practical and comfortable car, Green Drive offers you sunshades at very good prices specially adapted to Tesla Model Y . It is the guarantee of a pleasant driving with a personalized sun visor for Tesla Model Y which ensures an optimal protection against the sun rays.

Why buy a sunshade for Tesla Model Y ?

On the coolest summer days, driving can become uncomfortable if it is too hot inside the cabin. On the Tesla Model Y , the technical design has provided a lot of glass space for ergonomic and aerodynamic purposes. Even if the glass used is tinted with infrared and UV protection, this is usually not enough to naturally maintain an adequate temperature inside the Tesla Model Y . Our custom-made sunshades for Tesla Model Y are available at a reasonable price to protect the interior from heat and UV rays. This will help you save energy by using less air conditioning in your electric car on the hottest days.

Roof shades for Tesla Model Y

To prevent much of the sun's heat load from diffusing into the interior of the vehicle, our customized sunshade is the right accessory to place on your glass roof. While driving and at rest, your roof sunshade will also limit the entry of UV rays into the interior of the Tesla Model Y . Durable and very easy to use, our roof sunshade for Tesla Model Y is offered at an affordable price. This makes it possible to match the capacity of all budgets. The installation of the product is easy: just unfold it and insert it into the gap between the glass and the ceiling. We provide a plastic piece to add to the device to ensure its integrity and strength. The custom sunshade panel can be folded down to your convenience.

Windshield sunshades for Tesla Model Y

When your car is parked, a windshield sunshade with reflective and thermal coating will also provide excellent protection from the sun's rays. Our windshield sunshades are customized to the dimensions of the Tesla Model Y for a very easy installation. You simply unfold the sun visor and place it against the windshield. You will then need to attach the scratch strip above the center mirror and then unfold the driver and passenger sun visors to hold the device in place. Our experts will be able to guide you if necessary for the assembly of your accessory.

Green Drive Tesla Model Y offers you very aesthetic sun visors made of durable materials. To testify to the seriousness of our store, secure payment methods are offered (Scalapay, PayPal). Because we are sure of the excellent quality of our products, you can return them for free during 30 days if you are not satisfied. To protect your electric car Tesla Model Y from the sun's rays, buy your roof or windshield solar protection now. We will make a fast and free delivery of your product (free delivery from an order of 150 euros).