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In order to keep your Tesla Model Y tires running and safe at all times, especially during the winter months, certain car equipment is necessary. We can mention for example snow chains, nuts, pressure sensors or even touch-up pens entirely adapted to Tesla Model Y . These parts are very useful for an urgent repair if needed. Green Drive puts at your disposal at the best price chains and equipment of exceptional manufacture for your Tesla Model Y .

Our snow chains for Tesla Model Y

Our snow chains are easily and quickly installed on the tires of your Tesla Model Y . To avoid damaging your electric car in winter, our front snow chains are adapted to the very thin wheel arches of the Tesla Model Y . The thickness of the chains does not exceed 7 mm. Our snow chains for Tesla Model Y are a must-have, because traditional chains with rear wheel plugs are not accepted on Tesla Model. Our snow chains have an X-shaped structure that adapts perfectly to your tire due to its elasticity (automatic tensioning and centering).

Our French designed chains for Tesla Model Y offer you maximum safety and a high level of performance. In order not to cause scratches at their level, the snow chains we propose do not come into contact with the rims of your Tesla Model Y . We offer you polyurethane front snow chains that provide excellent grip on ice while optimizing tire traction in the snow. We also offer at an interesting price front snow chains made of reinforced steel for Tesla Model Y which also have an exceptional durability and resistance.

Our nuts for Tesla Model Y

To reduce the unsprung weight of your Tesla Model Y , discover our 100% titanium nuts of about 15 to 16 g. By replacing the original elments of your car, our nuts allow you to save more than 3.6 kg of unsprung weight. This improves the handling and smoothness of your electric vehicle.

We also have in our stock anti-theft nuts for Tesla Model Y which secure the rims of your car. Whether internal or external, these parts effectively protect the wheels and tires of the Tesla Model Y against theft or sabotage attempts.

Tesla Model Y our touch-up pens

To repair scratches on the rims of the Model Y, use our touch-up pens that respect the color codes of the original paint. The pen offers an anti-corrosion treatment and a UV protection for the maintenance of the rims.

Our pressure sensors for Tesla Model Y

We also offer various variants of pressure sensors for Tesla Model Y at interesting prices. These sensors measure the force of the air in the tires by means of an electrical signal. You can choose a preconfigured original sensor (TPMS) by Tesla to be mounted directly on the vehicle.

To check the condition of the tires in winter, you can also prefer a generic Bluetooth pressure sensor for Tesla Model Y . This pressure sensor has excellent reliability of use, as it is compatible with original wheels and adaptable rims Tesla Model Y .

A wide range of equipment for Tesla Model Y

At Green Drive, you will find the necessary car parts to take along to help you out when there is a problem with your tires. In addition to pressure sensors, nuts or snow chains, why not also choose our 2 premium rim cleaning brush kit? The brushes in this kit combine practicality, resistance and softness to take good care of the rims of your Tesla Model Y .

So don't hesitate to contact us if you need premium car equipment to maintain your Tesla Model Y tires. We carry out the free delivery of your products from 150 EUR of purchase.