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The cleaner / decontaminant IRON 7 HD of the brand Alchimy 7 is the product to have to clean suitably the rims of your Tesla.

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    Effortless wheel cleaning!

    IRON 7 HD is a powerful ferrous decontaminant and cleaner, leaving a brilliant finish. Dissolves and removes brake dust, grease, oil, tar, road film, etc. Its innovative formulation using nanotechnology penetrates the surface to be treated in the smallest porosities to remove deeply ferrous particles and other persistent dirt.

    Its neutral pH formula can be used on all types of rims (aluminium, magnesium, anodised, titanium, chrome, etc.) AND also on car bodies, motorcycles, scooters, trucks, glass surfaces, plastics, etc. Safe formula for the user. Its semi-gel texture optimizes the grip on surfaces for better performance. Its glossy agents provide an excellent finish.

    The convenience of this product? You won't have to think about when to rinse it anymore because this original blue product will turn red after action telling you the right time to rinse.

    Instructions for use

    The products of the Alchimy brand are developed and produced in France (Lyon) by a team of passionate people. For many years, Alchimy has been considered by retail professionals as a French flagship of automotive cosmetics.

    Capacity : 500ml


    • Brand Alchimy7
    • Reference 3701388104676


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