Extremy's Body Shampoo - Alchimy 7


Extremy's body shampoo is the recommended product for a successful wash of the bodywork of your Tesla. Its concentrated formula will allow you to wash your car many times and always get a perfect result.

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    Clean your body like new again with Alchimy 7 shampoo!

    This product, the result of the latest developments in surfactants, effectively cleans your bodywork thanks to its creamy foam. It provides extreme lubrication to prevent micro-scratches. This shampoo also amplifies the "shine" and "wet" effects. Thanks to its foam, you can use it as a gentle pre-wash (PH neutral).

    This product is highly concentrated, which also makes it very economical!

    For optimum protection of your bodywork, you can also take a look at our ceramic product. Thanks to its hydrophobic effect, this product will effectively and durably protect your bodywork from bad weather and dirt.

    Instructions for use

    Alchimy products are developed and produced in France (Lyon) by a team of enthusiasts. For many years, Alchimy has been considered by detailing professionals as a French flagship in automotive cosmetics.

    Contents : 500ml concentrate


    • Brand Alchimy7
    • Reference 3701388104645


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