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Clean stubborn stains (such as sun cream) from your plastics, textiles and leather with Alchimy 7 active cleaner

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    The active cleaner (plastic / textile and leather) of the brand Alchimy 7 will allow you a complete interior cleaning and will give a new aspect to the support which you wish to clean.

    Clean stubborn stains (such as sunscreen for example) from your plastics, textiles and leather.

    100% biodegradable, this product will allow you to remove all the stains from your interior. This product can be used on plastics, synthetic fabrics, carpets, seats but also on alcantara and leather. Thus you will be able to clean all the interior of your Tesla and to restore its original brightness.

    The Active Cleaner is the ideal product to clean your white or black seats.

    Instructions for use

    After having cleaned all the surfaces, remember also to nourish the leather of your Tesla.

    Alchimy products are developed and produced in France (Lyon) by a team of passionate people. For many years, Alchimy is considered by the professionals of the detailing as a French jewel of the automobile cosmetic.

    Capacity : 470ml

    Remember to wipe the seats after application, passing well in the seams.


    • Brand Alchimy7
    • Reference 3701388104669


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