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The acquisition of an electric car Tesla is an important investment that must be made profitable. It is necessary to optimize the life of your car through regular maintenance and cleaning with high quality products. Green Drive offers reliable accessories and products to take care of every element of your Tesla.

Cleaning the bodywork of your Tesla Model 3

The exterior of your car is the part most exposed to external aggressions (pollution, water, sun, dust, animal droppings, etc.). To maintain and preserve the beauty of your vehicle, Green Drive offers specific accessories such as the cleaning foam gun Tesla. Practical, it facilitates the washing and increases its effectiveness. The gun distributes the foam evenly to remove dirt from your Tesla Model 3 without discoloring it.

The bodywork of electric cars requires special attention. To avoid damaging your car's paintwork, Green Drive offers a NHP pre-wash product, which is different from a conventional soap or detergent. This high-quality product simply removes the particles that have settled on your car with water to avoid micro-scratches when you wash your car with a soft cloth. Rely on CERAMIC COATING ceramic protection to protect your car from scratches, stains and bad weather.

Wheel care

To clean the rims of your Tesla Model 3 like a professional, Green Drive offers easy-to-use products. The IRON 7 HD rim cleaners of the Alchimy 7 brand, available in our store, are the most recommended on the market.

Thanks to their special composition, these products remove traces of dust, braking, tar, as well as ferrous particles from your aluminum, magnesium, chrome or titanium rims. They are also effective on glass and plastic surfaces. The dirt is removed more easily with a simple water jet. The IRON 7 HD cleaners offer a brilliant finish that enhances your car thanks to its brilliant agents.

Seat cleaning Tesla Model 3

The interior of a Tesla is made of different materials, including leather. The latter requires specific maintenance to remain impeccable for many years. It is a sensitive material, and as such, it is advisable to use the best product to clean it.

The cleaning of white leather seats for Tesla Model 3 must rely on a soft and nourishing formula. The products available in our store are chosen for their effectiveness on a leather or skai surface such as white seat covers. Green Drive offers products composed of natural oils that have the property of cleaning the seats of your car, restoring their shine and nourishing the leather to preserve its flexibility and avoid cracking.

Maintenance of the interior of your car Tesla

To effectively care for the interior of your Tesla Model 3 , choose an active cleaner suitable for plastic, leather or leatherette. An inappropriate product may precipitate its deterioration. In our store Green Drive, you have access to excellent quality products designed by recognized brands.

A cleaning product Tesla like the active cleaner of the brand Alchimy 7 guarantees a professional maintenance. Its formula allows you to use it to easily remove a stubborn stain from a leather surface or other materials. It is effective to take care of synthetic fabrics, a white leather seat cover, carpets or rugs. It offers a complete maintenance to your Tesla Model 3 , and restores the original aspect of your car's interior.