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NHP Alchimy pre-wash removes dirt, road film and static dust. Thanks to its "snow" effect, the dirt is easily removed from the bodywork, exterior plastics, headlights, grills, bumpers, wheels, rubbers, etc. To be used with a high pressure cleaner or a foam gun.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 1500 EUR.

Product details

Pre-wash is a preliminary treatment to avoid micro-scratches on the bodywork. Before a traditional car wash, pre-washing is a quick step that considerably reduces the risk of micro-scratches by simply removing the largest dirt clinging to the bodywork. A step too often neglected because of the lack of quality products on the market. Alchimy " High Pressure Cleaner " (NHP) products have been developed to facilitate the regular maintenance of the vehicle.

1. Pour 60 to 150 ml into the tank of the High Pressure Cleaner or Foam Gun. Fill the tank with hot water.

Recommended dilution = 2 to 4 %

Indications for a High Pressure Cleaner with an average flow rate of 480 L/hour and a 500 ml tank:

- 60 ml to 100 ml for a lightly soiled vehicle.

- Up to 150 ml for a very dirty vehicle or a vehicle such as an SUV, 4x4, van, ...

2. Spray the solution all over the vehicle. Leave for a few minutes.

3. Rinse with the High Pressure Cleaner.

4. Do not allow to dry.

NOTE: Adjust the flow of the product on the high pressure cleaner to obtain a dense foam. Spread it over the whole vehicle. Reduce the water flow to a minimum. Spray about 2 metres from the vehicle.

Frequency of use:

NHP Alchimy Pre-Wash can be used before each wash. Highly concentrated, it can remove protective waxes.

Capacity : 470 ml


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