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The Optimus product is a preparer / Cleaner of the brand Alchimy 7. It is a multi-surface degreaser and purifier that will allow you to prepare your vehicle before applying a wax, ceramic or before installing a body element with double-sided adhesive (spoiler, diffusers, front blade etc.). Based on isopropyl alcohol, this product will drastically improve the adhesion of the installation surface.

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    The preparation before the installation of a double-sided or a body treatment : The product you must have !

    Alchimy 7's Optimus is a multi-surface preparator/cleaner. It will allow you to purify the surface before the installation of a body element requiring double-sided adhesive (spoiler, fog lights, front blade ...) or before the treatment of the vehicle with a wax, ceramic ...

    It is composed of isopropyl alcohol, but also of a BIO solvent and additives allowing a degreasing and a purification of the amazing surface.

    1. Shake the bottle before use.

    2. Spray on a clean microfiber or directly on the surface (cold).

    3. Wipe the surface until Optimus disappears.

    NOTES : using 2 microfibers provides excellent workmanship/finish. One microfiber to clean/apply and another microfiber to provide a finish wipe.


    • Brand Alchimy7
    • Reference 3701388108117


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