Premium micro-fibers for body and interior


40x40 cleaning micro-fibers without external seams.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

Product details

The microfiber cloth is an essential tool for cleaning your car's bodywork. With its specially designed microfiber material, this cloth ensures effective cleaning without the risk of micro-scratches. Each microfiber cloth is perfect for maintaining your car's paintwork, making this product ideal for any car enthusiast concerned about the appearance of their bodywork.

The microfibers in these cloths are designed to leave no residue, whether on paintwork, windows or the car's plastics. These microfiber cloths are a reference choice for those looking for ecological and effective car cleaning.

  • Materials: High-quality microfiber
  • Number of pieces: 1
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm
  • Seamless exterior: Prevents scratches on delicate surfaces
  • Versatility: Ideal for cleaning your car's bodywork, windows, interior and other surfaces

Product highlights:

Scratch-Free Cleaning: Thanks to its long, soft fibers, this microfiber cloth is perfect for cleaning your bodywork without the risk of scratching, even when exerting pressure while cleaning.

Interior and exterior use: Effective for dusting the smallest nooks and crannies of the passenger compartment and for cleaning the exterior surfaces of your vehicle.

Ecological versatility: Can be used dry for ecological cleaning of your car's interior, or wet to clean the exterior with maximum efficiency.

Durable and Economical: Durable and reusable, this cloth is an economical choice for regular maintenance.

Care instructions :

  • Machine wash at moderate temperature without mixing with soiled linen.
  • Avoid ironing and tumble drying to maintain fiber quality.

Customer Opinion:

Users particularly appreciate the cloth's softness, its ability to clean without scratching, and its versatility for use on different car surfaces.

In short, this microfiber cloth is an essential product for any car owner concerned about keeping his or her car in top condition. It offers an effective, safe and versatile cleaning solution for all parts of your vehicle.

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