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Renov'7 Alchimy is a polish that eliminates the defects of the bodywork like the micro-scratches, the marks of nails, the traces left by the residues of insects and the oxidation. Its abrasive agents remove these defects in depth and leave a perfectly smooth paint. Restores the original shine, smoothness and color of the paint. Easy to apply and remove.

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    Whether it is for unfortunate micro-scratches, micro-scratches from washing, or even deep marks left by insects, this polish is made for you!

    Supplied with its applicator pad, Alchimy's Rénov'7 is the simple and effective solution to correct small everyday injuries or to renovate a bodywork weakened by time and unsuitable washing methods.

    The use of an abrasive polish can correct these defects. The application of an abrasive polish on a paint must be done with care. Indeed, the use of abrasive polish acts on the surface of the paint by removing a very thin layer. Its advanced formula leaves an extremely glossy finish and intense color depth.


    - Renov'7 490ml

    - Polishing pad M7

    Shake bottle well before use. Use on a previously cleaned and cold paint.

    By hand:

    1. Put a dab of product on an applicator pad.

    2. Apply to surface in circular motions and finish with linear cross strokes. Polish for 20-30 seconds until dry.

    3. Remove excess with a clean microfiber.

    To the polisher:

    1. Put a dab of product on a polishing pad.

    2. Polish the surface until the product dries.

    3. Remove excess with a clean microfiber.


    Apply in areas of approximately 25 x 25 cm.

    Work out of the sun, on a cooled and dry body.

    For best results, wash the vehicle with a alchimy 7 shampoo then decontaminate the paint with the Nett'Lux Alchimy.

    Avoid strong pressure, especially at "edges" (panel edges, angular body lines, etc.). At these points, the paint thickness is often thinner.

    Always wipe off excess product from the body in straight-line movements.

    Avoid contact with glass and plastic surfaces of the vehicle.

    Application conditions: Apply to cold, dry bodywork.

    Storage : Store away from sunlight and at a temperature between 10°C and 30°C.


    • Brand Alchimy7
    • Reference 3701388108124


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