Tesla cleaning foam gun


Easily clean your Tesla with our foam gun to connect to a water hose.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

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Here is a very useful accessory for owners of Tesla who wash their cars at home.

A foam gun allows you to distribute foam evenly before washing.

The foam gun also allows you to create a generous foam which will cover the vehicle and start its cleaning action.

This specially selected barrel is very easy to use. It is to be used with a water pipeUnlike other cannons that require a high pressure cleaner (Karcher type). This type of plug allows the gun to be used simply on all standard hoses.

In addition, the barrel also has an adjustment knob that allows you to manage the foam created.

We also offer a NHP pre-wash for the bodywork, to be used in foam guns. Pre-wash is a preliminary treatment to avoid micro-scratches on the bodywork. Prior to a traditional car wash, pre-washing is a quick step that greatly reduces the risk of micro-scratches by simply removing the largest dirt particles from the bodywork. A step too often neglected because of the lack of quality products on the market. Alchimy " High Pressure Cleaner " (NHP) products have been developed to facilitate the regular maintenance of the vehicle.


Pré-Lavage NHP pour carrosserie - Alchimy 7

Cleaning your Tesla will be even easier with this foam gun. Afterwards, all you need is a washing glove, also available in our shop, and a large drying sponge to remove any remaining drops after washing your Tesla.


Gant / éponge de nettoyage - Tesla Model S, X, 3 et Y


Éponge séchante - Tesla Model S, X, 3 et Y


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