Brillanty tire cleaner and its applicator pad - Alchimy 7


Brillanty Alchimy7 gives your tyres a deep, intense black and leaves the surfaces satin or shiny while protecting them against climatic aggressions and normal wear. Its polymers ensure a very resistant and long lasting protection.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

Product details

Weather conditions, salt, frost, heat and UV rays damage the sidewall of the tyres. To prevent cracking and discoloration, regular maintenance is recommended. Clean tires with a deep black color is the ultimate detail of a perfectly prepared car. Brillanty Alchimy7 restores the new shine of the tires by adding a satin effect of the most beautiful effect.

On the sidewalls of the tires :

1. Apply to the dry sidewall of the tire with the included applicator pad.

2. Spread the product evenly on the sidewalls. Wipe off excess if necessary.


For best results, sidewalls should be cleaned/degreased beforehand. Never use on tyre treads or on motorcycle/scooter tyres.

After application to the tyre sidewalls, Brillanty can be heated on the surface to optimise its grip and make it more matt.

On exterior plastics :

1. Spread on an applicator or microfiber and apply to the surface.

2. Allow to dry or wipe with a clean microfiber depending on the desired result.


To ensure long-lasting protection, clean/degrease the surfaces to be treated beforehand.

The applicator pad is included in the kit.

Capacity : 470ml


  • Brand Alchimy7
  • Reference 3701388106021


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