Crystal glass cleaner - Alchimy 7


Cristal Vitres Alchimy can be used on all glass surfaces of the car (even tinted), interior, exterior and polycarbonate windows. Efficiently eliminates all traces of water, insect residues, tar, road film, nicotine traces, greasy marks left on windows and mirrors.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

Product details

Insect residues, wax, tar and road film dirty the windows and therefore reduce visibility. Clean and transparent windows contribute to the safety and appearance of a well-prepared vehicle. Many window cleaners evaporate too quickly and leave traces, resulting in an average appearance.

Formulated to leave no streaks or streaks. Its "slow evaporation" composition allows use in summer and even in hot weather. Leaves a protective film with a "water-repellent effect". Its shining agents leave the windows crystal clear.

Can be used on stainless steel, plastic surfaces and mirrors. Removes traces of polish from plastics and seals.

Cristal Vitres Alchimy is an incomparable window cleaner for a high transparency and shine result.

Does not contain ammonia. 100 % compatible with tinted or filmed windows.


Shake the bottle before use.

1. Spray on a microfiber and spread over the glass surface. The Cristal Alchimy microfiber is ideal.

2. Polish the glass surface with a clean microfiber until the Cristal Vitres Alchimy has completely evaporated.

NOTE: Roll down the vehicle windows to clean the edges thoroughly. Also clean the wiper blades.

Capacity : 170ml


  • Brand Alchimy7
  • Reference 3701388106038


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