19-inch hubcap storage bag for Tesla Model Y


Storage bag for hubcaps for Tesla Model Y equipped with Gemini wheels (aerodynamic).

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

Product details

Your Tesla has hubcaps that fit over the original rims. These are fragile and especially sensitive to scratches.

So it's important to protect them when you're not using them.

This bag stores all 4 Aero rim covers, with spacers to prevent scratches between each element.

Easy touse :

- Open the bag
- Remove the spacers
- Put on the first hubcap with its spacer
- Repeat this action until the last
- Close your bag with the zipper

Material : Fabric and zipper

Quantity: 1 bag and 3 dividers

We'll be happy to help you if you have any assembly problems!


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