Set of 4 Tempest 19" replica hubcaps for Tesla Model Y


The must-have accessory for Tesla Model Y owners with original aero rims. Change the hubcaps on your Tesla Model Y with these replicas, based on the design of the new Model S Plaid hubcaps.

New version corrects the risk of breakage.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

Product details

New version of the product that corrects case problems :the product has evolved to become more solid thanks to its new fixing pastes.

Has your hubcap broken?We'll replace it for you free of charge and without limit, simply by sending a photo to customer service.

Your Tesla Model Y is delivered from the factory with GEMINI aero wheels. These wheels take the form of a charcoal gray aluminum rim to which a hubcap is added to reduce air turbulence when driving. However, these trims can be more or less even, depending on taste and color.

GreenDrive is now offering you the opportunity to replace these original hubcaps with hubcaps based on the design of the hubcaps found on the new Tesla Model S Long Range and Plaid 2022+. These hubcaps feature a double color scheme of matte black and gloss black, for a sporty look.


Features :

Quantity : supplied in sets of 4 with central logo

Please note: if the logos are not delivered with the product, do not hesitate to send us an email to receive them after ordering.

Compatibility : Tesla Model Y from 2021 to today

Compatible rims : original Gemini 19" aero rim for Tesla Model Y

Materials : metal and plastic

Variants : Matt black


Installation video coming soon.


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