Frontal snow chains for Tesla Model S , X, Y and 3

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Snow chains for Tesla. Easy to install and fast, find the right solution to chain serenely

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Trust our partner, the French manufacturer Polaire - Joubert Group to fit your Tesla during the winter !

Why you should not mount traditional chains on your Tesla ? ?

In order to reduce the wind resistance of the wheel arches, electric vehicles have very thin wheel arches (and especially the space between the wheel and the vehicle) which only accept chains less than 7mm thick.

Also, the Tesla do not accept a traditional chain (socks, traditional chains) with a plug at the back of the wheel (you will take the risk of damaging the chains but especially your vehicle).

The chains called "front" are chains that are installed on the front of the wheel without any element coming to the back of the wheel unlike traditional chains. They allow an easier installation, and guarantee not to damage your rims or the vehicle.

Attention: rear chainage for all Tesla.


  • This particularly innovative snow chain meets the main criteria desired by motorists:facilityandspeed of assembly.
  • French design.
  • With no interior space requirements and a tread thickness of only 7 mm, it is ideal for so-called "non-chainable" vehicles.
  • No interference with the rim,the risk of scratching is eliminated.
  • Tension and centering are automatic.
  • The elastic X-structure allows a perfect fit on the tire
  • Universal nut adaptable on all types of bolts and wheels for a mounting without adaptation.
  • Semi-rigid plastic bag with zip closure and carrying handle
  • Provide averygood motor skills in the snow andon the ice.
  • The lever and Dyneema cord can withstand a tension of 1 ton.
  • Patented clamping leverfor quick and easy assembly.

Both versions have identical efficiency and functionality

Tread in :

Reinforced steel


Quick installation mechanism

Grip on snow

Grip on ice


Does not scratch the rims

Thickness 7mm

Notice available here

Please note that this product is shipped separately from the rest of the order.



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  • Compatibility Tesla Model 3 2019-2020
    Tesla Model 3 2021-2023
    Tesla Model 3 2024+ (from October 2023)
    Tesla Model S 2013-2020
    Tesla Model S 2016-2020
    Tesla Model Y 2021-2023
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  • Rim sizes 18"

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