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The rims are an essential safety element for the proper functioning of your Tesla Model Y . It is an important component of the car but it is possible to customize it. It is therefore necessary when replacing your rims to choose quality examples and specifically adapted to your vehicle Tesla Model Y . A wide range of rims for the different versions of the Tesla Model Y is available at Green Drive, models tested and approved by your experts Tesla.

The rims for Tesla Model Y proposed by Green Drive

The aluminum rims for Tesla Model Y manufactured by Green Drive exist in three main families according to their size.

Rims Model Y of 19 inches

Made of cast aluminum, our rims which have a diameter of 19 inches are compatible with the tires of the vehicle Tesla Model Y . They have a matte black or gray color. They have a polished front face and are sold in sets of 4 in the same dimensions as the original rims Tesla. The nuts and bolts that come with the rims are also designed to be compatible with your vehicle. The Tesla Model Y aluminum rim has a diameter of 19 inches and is JWL VIA and TUV/ABE certified. It is sold at the best price in our store, and these certifications are guarantees of safety and good quality of the product.

20 inch rims Model Y

The 20 inch diameter rims for Tesla Model Y are available at attractive prices in our stock. They have a design that looks like turbines. They have a wheel center that hides the center nuts of these aluminum rims. Green Drive offers you two variants of these replica Induction rims for the Tesla Model Y . We sell a forged aluminum model which is more expensive and the induction rim in cast aluminum.

With the latter option, the aluminum is melted and then poured into molds to make the rim for the vehicle. Cast aluminum wheels make up about 90% of the 20-inch Tesla Model Y rims on the market. This makes it a perfect choice if you're looking for the best value wheels that have already proven themselves. Regardless of the variant, our size 20 induction wheels are TUV/ABE certified.

Rims Model Y 21 inch

The 21" wheels for Tesla Model Y are made of cast aluminum. Available in grey or charcoal grey, they are sold in sets of 4 rims. These rims which have a diameter of 21 inches are also TUV certified, especially for Tesla Model Y LR and Y Performance. All the aluminum rims in our stock are sold at attractive prices and come with the appropriate hardware to facilitate their mounting on the tires of your electric vehicle.

Why buy your rims for Tesla Model Y at Green Drive?

Selecting rims from Green Drive for the tires of a Tesla Model Y is an excellent choice if you are looking for more aesthetics for your electric vehicle. The rims and parts we offer are compatible with Tesla Model Y cars and do not degrade their performance on the road. Our accessories, sold at attractive prices, strictly respect the characteristics recommended by the vehicle manufacturer Tesla Model Y . The rims that Green Drive offers in its stock for the wheels of your car are then delivered with the mounting accessories after your purchase.

Having the TUV/ABE and/or JWL VIA certifications, our rims for the Tesla Model Y tires also offer good resistance. This ensures their durability, even if you use your vehicle a lot. They also help the tires of your Tesla to have a better grip. Therefore, your Tesla vehicle can overcome all the obstacles on the road with an intact performance.

The delivery of the rims Green Drive is also free of charge in the whole Europe from 150 eur onwards in our store. In addition to the products in stock, our customers have the possibility to order a custom-made set of 4 rims to have a vehicle Tesla Model Y absolutely unique. For unique rims for your tires, sold at an unbeatable price, do not hesitate to call our dynamic team for more information and details about our products.