Set of 4 Induction replica rims for Tesla Model Y

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Set of 4 replica Induction rims for Tesla Model Y . Copy the original style of the Induction rims that come as options on the Tesla Model Y . These rims are cast aluminum, unlike the forged Induction replica rims you can find here.

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    Tesla offers an optional Tesla Model Y LR (LongRange) rims called Induction. These 20-inch rims feature a turbine-shaped design with a wheel center that hides the rim's central nuts.

    We now offer two variants of Induction replica rims:

    • A cast aluminium model: like 90% of all wheels in circulation and all wheels sold by Tesla, cast aluminum wheels are less costly to manufacture, thanks to the economies of scale involved. The aluminum is melted upstream, then poured into molds to form the rim.

    The two manufacturing methods differ in the characteristics that the rim subsequently possesses. Forged rims are stronger, lighter and more accurately balanced.

    Our 100% forged Induction rim model can be found HERE

    Our Induction cast aluminum rim model is the one offered on this page.


    Features :


    Model Y



    Type of manufacture

    Cast aluminum


    Tesla Model Y








    Matte Black

    Sold by lot

    4 rims

    Additional information:

    Compatible original screws and bolts.

    Weight: 13.9kg


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