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The safety of your driving and the good road handling of your Tesla Model Y depend essentially on the tires which equip your car. Choosing the right tires for your Tesla Model Y allows an optimal transmission of the engine's efforts for driving at constant speed or acceleration. For any research in this matter, Green Drive offers good quality tires at very good prices to optimize the driving performance of your electric car Tesla Model Y .

Why choose the right tires for your Tesla Model Y ?

Having good tires for the wheels of your electric vehicle Tesla Model Y enhances the safety and comfort of the passengers when the car is driving. Each tire must support a part of the load of the Tesla Model Y while absorbing adequately the irregularities of the road. To better handle the curves and reduce the vibrations of the passenger compartment during the trips, we propose you an exceptional range of tires for the wheels of the Tesla Model Y . You will enjoy a safe and precise driving experience, as our tires handle the high transverse forces of the car without affecting the trajectory.

Green Drive offers you solid and resistant tires at a very good price that will easily support thousands of revolutions of your Tesla Model Y . Depending on the weather season and road surface, you will find the right tires for safe and comfortable driving. In winter under the snow, in summer on a dry road or when it rains, tires for Tesla Model Y offer a better grip on the ground to avoid skids (and therefore possible accidents).

Find the right tire for your Tesla Model Y

Model YIf you are looking for top quality tires for the wheels of your Tesla, do not hesitate to consult our available stock composed of tires of the best brands. We make you benefit from the high level of technology and know-how applied by brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Hankook, Nokian in the manufacture of tires. You will discover 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch or 21 inch tires that fit perfectly on your Tesla Model Ywheels.

For summer, you can choose between a CONTINENTAL PREMIUM CONTACT 6 XL and a PIRELLI PZERO of 19 inches. Still in the standard 19 inch size, you will find in our stock the Nokian Snowproof, the Pirelli WinterSottozero 3 or the Michelin Pilot Alpin. To face the 4 seasons (summer, winter, spring, autumn) in all serenity, the Vredestein Quatrac Pro is a reference to install on your car Tesla Model Y .

To save money without losing quality, we also offer generic tires that are 100% compatible with the wheels of your car Tesla Model Y . Green Drive offers a kit of 4 tires alone or directly mounted on purchased rims. The option of mounting on purchased rims saves you time, because the tires will already be balanced and will offer a quick mounting on the Tesla Model Y upon delivery. Whether or not you choose the "Mount on purchased rims" option, the home delivery of your tires for Tesla Model Y is between one and two weeks. If you are looking for durable, aesthetic, resistant and practical tires for your Tesla Model Y , do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from the most adapted solutions at an interesting price.