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The rims, wheels and tires of your Tesla Model Y are accessories that need to be changed, whether for safety or aesthetics. When this happens, it is important to change them by adapted and quality parts. To help you drive your Tesla Model Y serenely, Green Drive offers in its stock of products rims, complete wheels, tires, snow chains, anti-theft nuts specifically tested and adapted for your car.

Rims and wheels adapted to the different versions of Tesla Model Y

Sold in sets of 4, the rims for Tesla Model Y proposed in the stock of Green Drive exist in 3 main variants. Their main common point is the material of manufacture: cast aluminum. The set of 4 Presto 21 rims is compatible with Tesla Model Y and available in grey or anthracite grey. The front and rear mounting is symmetrical as for the original rims. These rims are sold at the best price with a 21 inches size, they are delivered with an adaptable screw and have the TUV certificate.

We also offer Fina rims. This model of rims has a size of 19 inches and is black with a polished front. They have JWL VIA and ABE certificates. With an identical size to the original rims, their nuts and bolts are compatible with your vehicle Tesla Model Y . The set of 4 rims is available at the best price at Green Drive.

We also offer induction rims for sale at interesting prices, they are designed exclusively for the Tesla Model Y LR. With their 20 inches, they have a unique design that allows to hide the central nuts of the wheel. The 20 inch induction rims for Tesla Model Y are available in two models: forged and cast aluminum. Forged aluminum is more resistant. Cast aluminum, however, is more popular and less expensive while offering optimal strength.

Tire kits designed for your Tesla Model Y

The tires adapted to Tesla Model Y are sold in kits of 4, alone or directly with the rims purchased at the same time. In the latter case, they are delivered with the rims and the mounting is done directly at our place by our qualified workers. To take advantage of the option of mounting the kits on your vehicle, simply put the rims and tires in the shopping cart during your purchase. You then tick the box "Mounting on purchased rims" and Green Drive will take care of the delivery. You will then receive the tire-rim and wheel set, ready to be installed on your Tesla Model Y .

At Green Drive, we offer 3 types of tires at a good price for Tesla Model Y : winter, summer or 4 seasons. Whatever the use of your car Tesla, you will find the most suitable tire with us. Our tire kits for a vehicle Tesla Model Y are sold at interesting prices.

Rim and wheel accessories from Tesla Model Y

The accessories for rims, wheels and tires of the Tesla Model Y that we offer for sale are nuts, titanium nut covers and front chains. An electric vehicle like the Tesla Model Y does not accept traditional chains of more than 7 mm thickness. In winter, these can damage the chains, but also the car and reduce its performance. That's why Green Drive offers you a front polyurethane snow chain for winter driving.

The innovative front chains for Tesla Model Y avoid interior clutter and are therefore ideal for vehicles that cannot be chained. With automatic tensioning and centering, they do not interfere with the rims, thus avoiding the risk of scratches. We offer them at affordable prices.

The polyurethane front chains for Tesla Model Y ensure good traction in the snow and guarantee excellent grip on ice. With perfect resistance to emergency braking, they have a patented clamping lever that promotes quick and easy mounting on your vehicle. If you are looking for this type of front chains adapted to the tire of the Tesla Model Y , they are available at the best price in our store.

Whether you buy a rim, tires or their accessories for your Tesla Model Y , you can benefit from our free delivery service from 150 eur. Don't wait any longer and get your products for Tesla Model Y on Green Drive.