Pre-configured TPMS pressure sensor valves 433Mhz for Tesla


Original tire pressure sensors Tesla already configured directly to install on your Tesla. Version 433Mhz suitable for Tesla Model 3 and Y before 2021 and Tesla Model S and X before 2022.

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    Pre-configured original sensors for Tesla ready to be mounted on the vehicle.


    Attention this product page is talking about 433Mhz pressure sensors that is to say the versions compatible with :

    Tesla Model 3 dating before 2021
    Tesla Model Y dated before 2021
    Tesla Model S dated before 2022
    Tesla Model X dated before 2022


    Information :

    The price above is a unit price, if you want for the full car you will need 4.

    If you want Bluetooth (BLE) pressure sensors compatible with your Tesla Model 3 or Y from 2021 and your Tesla Model S and X from 2022, please find our cbLE (Bluetooth) pressure sensors/valves for Tesla Model 3 2021+ or Tesla Model Y - ALCAR

    Capteurs/valves de pression BLE (Bluetooth) pour Tesla Model 3 2021+ ou Tesla Model  Y - ALCAR


    Different variants:

    Model S year 2012 to 2014
    Model S year 2014 to today
    Model X
    Model 3 2017-2020


    A car pressure sensor is an electronic device used to measure the tire pressure of a vehicle. These sensors play an important role in the safety and fuel efficiency of a car, as proper tire pressure reduces tire wear, improves handling and saves fuel. Tire pressure sensors are typically integrated into tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that alert the driver when a tire's pressure is too low.

    433 MHz sensors and Bluetooth sensors from Tesla are two types of car pressure sensors that differ primarily in their communication technology.

    433 MHz Sensors: These sensors use radio frequency (RF) technology to transmit tire pressure data. They operate on a specific frequency of 433 MHz, which is widely used for short-range wireless communications. 433 MHz sensors are commonly used in the automotive industry because of their low cost and compatibility with many TPMS systems.

    Bluetooth sensors from Tesla: Bluetooth sensors from Tesla, on the other hand, use Bluetooth technology to communicate tire pressure data. These sensors connect directly to a smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing the driver to monitor tire pressure via a dedicated app. Bluetooth sensors offer greater range and data transmission speed than traditional RF sensors and can also provide additional information, such as tire temperature.

    In summary, the main difference between 433 MHz pressure sensors and Bluetooth sensors from Tesla is their communication technology. 433 MHz sensors use radio frequency, while Bluetooth sensors from Tesla use Bluetooth technology to transmit tire pressure data to a compatible device.


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